Now is the time to plant .DIG THE HOLE bigger than the root area of your tree.Break up the soil so roots can spread into the sides.

Compost is not necessary at this stage but if your soil is clay add in some topsoil and mix it in with existing soil.Soil mix (gardenmix) is available and helps make soil friable.Slow release fertiliser will ensure your new plant has sustained feeding to get off to good start but remember to keep a layer of soil between the fertiliser and the roots.

STAKE the tree for the first year….and mulch with whatever is to hand.Always keep adding mulch as the season progresses.

MULCH keeps soil moist throughout the dry periods and adds microorganisms to the soil.NEVER have mulch against the tree trunk..


I use the following system for clean trees

1 spray  Lime Sulphur in winter.IN JULY is a good time.Excellent plant disease control.Bit smelly but does a great job.I use on roses and ornamentals as well.

3 weeks later use a WINTER OIL SPRAY.Another good winter clean up.

LATE September AFTER  bud burst and fruitlets forming  use COPPER OXYCHLORIDE as a spray.By using twice monthly your trees will remain clean.Good for Black spot.

These treatments are all available from us in 500ml bottles priced at $20.00 per bottle.Great price.







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