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NZ Gardener Hydrangea

A few people have contacted me wanting to know the name of the plum coloured hydrangea in the latest NZ Gardner Magazine (July 2019) on page 51. It is a rather divine but difficult to find Raspberry Crush. I do have a just few available in my nursery so please email...

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Stablehouse Buxus Brew

I have had lots of requests for my special Buxus brew, however due to rules and regulations I am not able to send via post or courier.  I do have it available if you wish to pick up.  Please email me and I will make it available.

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Autumn 2018.

I have not been using my web page over the summer & autumn .The days have been too good to spend time in the office when it is not essential. But gardens do not stand still.Each month brings changes.This Autumn I have appreciated the wonderful autmn...

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PARASOLING TREES for summer shade

Why put up an umbrella. Use the correct tree in groups and make a wonderful pergola for dining. Planes are good. Pin Oaks are good. Some Acers are good Always site specific. use root barrier material to keep contained. Not unlike pleaching trees but a different frame....

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CAMELLIA HEDGES are much needed colour during the drear winter months.But only the Sasanqua varieties or Camellia species varieties. I am thinking cameliia Paradise Helen or Camellia Setsugekka for the good whiTes .Transnokoensis for litte bids of...

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FRUIT TREES.How to plant and care for your trees.

Now is the time to plant .DIG THE HOLE bigger than the root area of your tree.Break up the soil so roots can spread into the sides. Compost is not necessary at this stage but if your soil is clay add in some topsoil and mix it in with existing soil.Soil mix...

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My Plants May 25 2016

I have been placing plants in categories.This list is a personal collection of favourite plants that I find do well in Wairarapa along with  other parts of New Zealand. It is not meant as a major reference work or a price list.It is not an end in itself.There will be...

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Another thought

Phormium are very despicable.Especially the huge varieties that house rats .Keep them away from your garden.Natives they may be, but the goat vomit array available to the unwitting public should be avoided. Put a hidden camera on your cabbage tree..Particularly when...

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Selection is important. Kumquats Meyer and Satsuma Mandarins are the most cold hardy.".Golden Special"  grapefruitand navel Oranges and 'Yen Ben' lemons can survive quie hard frosts once established.Bearss Lime and "kaffir' lime can take quite hard frosts once...

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