I have not been using my web page over the summer & autumn .The days have been too good to spend time in the office when it is not essential.

But gardens do not stand still.Each month brings changes.This Autumn I have appreciated the wonderful autmn colours.particularly the Acer family and the glorious Gingko.

So much so I am planning¬† an avenue of fastigiate Gingko ‘Jade Butterflies’.

Nyssa sylvatica and Pyrus’ aristocrat’ displays reinforce the beauty of deciduous exotic trees.All the Oaks have added to the glow against our huge clear blue skies.

Native trees are dull .And stay that way all year..as well as the monstrous old pines and Macrocarpa stands so prevalent From Mt Bruce to the Takapau plains.

After driving this route i once again shuddered at the great black beasts malevolently clinging to hillside and flat.Did a cheap load find their way into the 40 mile bush some 100 years ago ?

Suddenly the Poplar Lombardy appear and the light comes back again..



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